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Learn to Drive from the Safety of Your Living Room

AAA’s new How to Drive Online program brings a Pennsylvania Department of Education approved novice driver curriculum into the comfort of your home. This program delivers the rules and essential elements of safe driving in an interactive and innovative way. The 30-hour online program meets department of education classroom requirements and aims to ensure that safe driving habits are developed and maintained for life. AAA has been a leader in the driver training business since 1935, so trust AAA to help keep the roads safe for all travelers.

The 30-hour online program cost to members is $9.99 and $89.99 if you are not a member.

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Dare to Prepare

Dare to Prepare is a 90-minute pre-permit presentation for parents and teens that provides critical information teens need to know before they take the wheel. This presentation walks attendees through the steps necessary to obtain a permit and a driver's license, and offers useful tools to help parent and teens though the learning-to-drive process. FREE teen associate membership, basic dues only. Use promo code TEEN to join online.*

* FREE membership is for primary member's teen with a learner's permit. Membership expires on renewal date of primary member.

The presentation covers:

  • State and national statistics on teen driving
  • Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) components
  • State requirements for obtaining a permit and driver's license
  • Parent's role and responsibilities
  • Sample parent-teen driving agreement
  • Practical tips on teaching teens to drive
  • Insurance Do's and Don'ts
  • Premium Competitiveness
  • Parent resources and more!

Program Goals:

  • Increase the amount of teen exposure to traffic safety issues;
  • Increase parental involvement in the learning-to-drive process;
  • Promote safe teen drivers

Classes are held at participating schools. 


Improve your driving skills while sitting at your computer, not in your car, with the AAA Driver-ZED® DVD. Learn how to spot trouble before it happens. See all the risks and handle them right, and you'll score a perfect "Zero". But watch out - it's harder than you think. Realistic display shows you three views of the action - even the rear-view and side mirrors.

You'll drive into 100 live-action situations - the equivalent of several years of actual driving. You'll face everything from a child chasing a ball into the street to dangerous two-lane passing. You'll learn how to see danger by actually experiencing it on your computer instead of behind the wheel.

Also included

  • Driving Challenges (city, country, highway, and work zones)
  • Pre-driving checklists for safe habits (Checking tire pressure, using a seat belt and monitoring the fuel gauge)
  • Tips on critical topics (Driving near heavy trucks, night driving and using anti-lock brakes)

How Can You Get It?

Visit aaafoundation.org or call 800-305-SAFE. The retail price is $24.95. Reduced pricing is available to schools and educational organizations, community groups, corporations and others wishing to purchase large quantities.


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