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AAA Approved Auto Repair

Auto repair can be a frustrating experience. Year after year it’s a leading consumer problem, because people have trouble locating repair facilities  that perform quality work at reasonable prices. You can take your chance and play the odds. Or you can look for the AAA Approved Auto Repair sign or contact your local AAA office.

AAA’s Approved Auto Repair Program takes the gamble out of finding quality auto repair for millions of members. Each year we inspect thousands of repair facilities that think they can meet AAA’s tough, demanding standards for superior performance. Yet only about one-third of these facilities qualify to display the AAA Approved sign. And it is a sure bet they can provide you the highest quality auto care. Don’t take chances. Trust AAA.

AAA’s Approved Auto Repair Facilities have met and maintained AAA’s tough performance standards while providing reliable and courteous service. Here are what AAA demands:

Highly Qualified Automotive Technicians that have earned certification by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence.

  • Full Service Repair Facilities that have the right tools and equipment to provide a broad range of  repairs including tune-ups and repairs to engines, brakes,  electrical systems, suspensions and heating/air conditioning systems.            
  • Service Reputation and Workmanship that meets your own tough, demanding standards. Before we approve a facility, we even ask past customers what their experience has been with that facility.        
  • Obtaining AAA approval is just the beginning. To ensure that these high standards are maintained, AAA inspects approved facilities annually and constantly monitors their performance.

AAA Approved Auto Repair Frequently Asked Questions

AAA Member Bill of Rights
As a AAA member, you’re guaranteed much more than just quality auto repair. When you present your membership card at Approved Auto Repair Facilities, you are also entitled to:

  • Free Maintenance Inspection
    When your vehicle is serviced by this business, on request, your vehicle will be inspected at no charge for items most frequently contributing to roadside breakdowns and you will receive a written recommendation of any needed maintenance or repairs.
  • Written Estimate
    You will be provided a written estimate of the cost of all work to be performed on your vehicle. The cost of work performed on your vehicle may not exceed the written estimate by more than 10 percent unless authorized by you in advance. (Local and state regulations will take precedence regarding notification of repair costs.)
  • Warranty
    Repairs, including parts and labor, are covered by a warranty of 12 months or 12,000 miles whichever comes first.
  • Returned Parts
    As evidence of work performed, all replaced parts are returned to you upon request, with the   exception of those that must be returned to the manufacturer under a warranty or exchange program.
  • Dispute Resolution
    AAA will investigate any dispute between a member and this business. AAA’s resolution decision will be accepted by this business. You are not bound by AAA’s decision and may seek recourse through other avenues.

For years you’ve trusted us to help you select accommodations while you travel. Now, at home or on the road, you can trust us to help you find quality auto repair.

Approved Auto Repair is just one of many consumer programs sponsored by AAA to ensure that motorists enjoy safe highways, vehicles and competent auto repair. We also help set industry standards for towing services, develop training materials for high school automotive technology teachers, and promote automotive repair as a profession for young people.

NOTE: AAA Approved facilities are not the only facilities capable of competent repairs.

Contact the Approved Auto Repair Department if you need additional information.

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