Safety Patrol

Since 1920, the AAA School Safety Patrol, which annually safeguards the lives of millions of young boys and girls, has become almost as recognizable to motorists as the stop sign. The presence of a AAA School Safety Patrol member wearing the familiar Sam Browne belt, which circles the waist and crosses over the shoulder, is a nationally accepted traffic indicator alerting motorists to drive carefully, for school children are in the area.

Many famous Americans have held the position of AAA School Safety Patrol, including former U.S. Presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, five current and former Supreme Court Justices, five Olympic Gold Medalists and 21 astronauts!

Historically, the AAA School Safety Patrol is one of AAA's oldest programs. Now more than 600,000 children throughout the country participate in the program.

To learn more about the AAA School Safety Patrol program, and obtain a copy of "At Your Post" AAA School Safety Patrol Training DVD, contact your local AAA office.

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